Tybee Light House

This morning we headed to the beach. It's only eight miles from home, but this summer we've only been there one other time. We live adjacent to Tybee Island and the beach is on its eastern shore. Tybee's north beach is relatively undeveloped, commercially, so it tends to be quieter than the south beach with its restaurants and bars. We prefer the north beach where we can get some reading or sketching done.

This watercolor features the Tybee Lighthouse, but it also features a turtle nest which is cordoned off with yellow warning tape. The sea turtles are laying eggs this time of year and volunteers populate the beach at night to spy on the turtles as they clamber ashore to lay their eggs; when the eggs are safely buried and the female returns to the sea, the volunteers stake out the nest and cordon it off to prevent unwary beach-goers from damaging the eggs. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center has some interesting information about our nocturnal visitors.