Happy Birthday, Baby!

Happy Birthday, Silke!

Who says that Friday the Thirteenth is an unlucky day? I hit the jackpot being able to celebrate my sweetie's birthday on such an auspicious day! Thirteen has become a lucky number for me!

I have to admit that it's a stretch for me to post the above pastel painting of Silke on this blog. For one, she's not exactly an appropriate image for an urban sketch blog. Nor is the artwork even mine. The artist is Frau Erdmann, a prominent painter in Germany's Black Forest, and this was a piece that Silke's father commissioned when she was about nine months old. Even at that tender young age, Silke already took in the world around her with those gorgeous eyes that grabbed me and never let me go. After twenty-five years, I still find them to be the most beautiful jewels around!