Letter Dated 23 September 1876, Parisville, Michigan

Lieber August,

My journey was long. Hundreds of Prussians leave Bremen each day sailing for America. Like Papa, they find little work for low pay. And like Mama, they say that Bismarck is wrong — things are not improving in Prussia. So we all seek better lives in America. After six weeks of travel I am glad, if not a little nervous, to finally be here in Michigan.

August, I am sorry to have left. But I am sixteen now. Papa found a nice boy for me here in Parisville. He was waiting for me. His name is William Susalla and he is also from Prussia. He is hard working and watches over me in this country where so much is new and strange. As soon as you join me here, you will meet him yourselves.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, Mama and Papa, Johann, Anna and little Karl.

Deine Schwester,