Letter Dated 13 August 1879, Parisville, Michigan

Lieber August,

My heart breaks when I think of dear Papa. He worked tirelessly to send me to America so you all could follow. Now he will never see this New World himself. It makes no sense.

But Father Gratza assures us that God has a plan, that life is a mystery. And this must be true, for I write you now with glad news:

I have had a baby! Little Agnes looks like you and drools the way you used to! I wish you were here to be her godfather. William intends to make her a fiddle when she is older. He says we will have two musicians in the family. While a duo with Agnes will be wonderful, a trio with you would be better still. If only we could play together! And if only Papa could see his first grandchild — and an American grandchild at that! He would be so proud.

Deine Schwester,