Revised Sketch for Sean O'Halloran

This is the original sketch I had done for the painting in the previous post. You can see that my final watercolors resemble the original sketch down to the smallest detail. I love drawing and enjoy the sketching part of the process. And while I was learning watercolor, a rather unforgiving medium to the uninitiated, I learned early on that it's good to have a solid sketch, replete with values, before putting paint to paper.

Below is the revised sketch. I have used (quite literally) bits and pieces of the original drawing, which I put together, montage style, into a revised sketch. If the sketch looks pieced together, it is. And while I like the drawing of the horse and O'Halloran's wife better in this revised sketch, I've pulled back too far and there's no strong focal point. So it's back to the drawing board.


Here's the revised sketch (below). I know. I know. You're saying to yourself, "It's the same thing. There's no difference between the two." Remember the backs of the Jack and Jill magazines from when we were kids, and there were two illustrations that on the surface appeared to be the same, but there were differences? Well, there are differences here, too, but not many. I made Sean O'Halloran larger, and changed the shape of his wife's cape in the revised sketch. This provides a stronger focal point, something the original revision was lacking. And this revised revision (!) will serve as the roadmap for my painting.